We can pull in a large crew if needed, but we often prefer to get the job done on our own.
There's two of us, and we make a lot happen together - from concept to delivery.



Dan Stevens (Director, producer)

When Dan's grandfather handed him his clunky VHS camcorder, that was it. From that moment on, he was always roping his cousins into making short films. And if they weren't available, puppets were his other go-to stars. Dan still loves bringing people together to create videos. Only these days, clients, interview subjects, and his business partner Dave make up a whole new family to tell stories with.



Dave has been shooting and editing video professionally for over 10 years. His first taste of media production was in 5th grade making an animated epic about Geronimo in the computer lab at school. He still produces videos about fascinating people and could not imagine himself doing anything else. He also loves listening to comedy podcasts and criticizing TV shows together with his wife in Beverly, MA.